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In 2013 Accretive Health, a medical servicing company that services multiple medical facilities within the United States, decided to settle it with the Federal Trade Commission’s legal case. Accretive Health was accused of the inadequate security policy that unfairly exposes consumer personally identifiable information (PII) risked possible theft or misuse ( FTC, 2013). Review the following FTC compliant ( FTC ACCRETIVE HEALTH’s Complaint) and provide security control measures for two of the risk described in paragraph 6 (section a. thru d.) that Accretive Health allegedly violates.


Federal Trade Commission (December 31, 2013). Accretive Health Settles FTC Charges That it Failed to Protect Consumers Personal Information adequately. Retrieved from https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/press-releases/2013/12/accretive-health-settles-ftc-charges-it-failed-adequately-protect

United States Of America The Federal Trade Commission Case 122 3077 Docket No. C-. Retrieved from file:///C:/Users/merrick/OneDrive%20-%20Grand%20Canyon%20University/GCU_2020/CYB-650/Discussions/FTC_Accretive%20Health%20Docket.pdf

The United States Of America The Federal Trade Commission Case 122 3077 Docket NO. C-4432. Retrieved from https://www.ftc.gov/system/files/documents/cases/140224accretivehealthdo.pdfw

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