3HS is an integrated system that spans multiple levels of care across many states.  System leadership is growing frustrated with seemingly contradictory feedback from the field.  Some staff complain of having to use multiple systems that often do the same thing, while others express concerns that one hospital can see another hospital’s data.  As input to the 3HS C-Suite, briefly describe the state of health interoperability, the different levels of interoperability (https://www.himss.org/library/interoperability-standards/what-is-interoperability), and ONC efforts (https://www.healthit.gov/topic/interoperability) to improve HIT interoperability. 


Examine the balance between defining HIT needs and applying available HIT solutions.  How do you navigate these sometimes opposing forces?  Describe your recommended method of requirements management and how you would recommend prioritization. 



What external influences can you identify that impact HIT design and deployment?

HIT has the potential to support quality improvement processes.  How?  What are the potential and limitations?

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