Literature Analysis: Read Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Read Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Then, in 6–8 pages, write an analysis of one of Hamlet’s soliquoys and craft two soliquoys of your own. This assessment allows you to demonstrate your understanding of a foundational piece of literature and of the use of extended monologues within it. SHOW LESS By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate […]

The different types of threats posed to the United States by domestic

Terrorist threats to the United States emerge from both domestic and international extremist organizations. The types of threats as well as the precautions that must be taken to guard against these threats have similarities and differences based upon whether the terrorist group is a domestic or a foreign organization. Research the different types of threats […]

Criminal Law- A case study on the Netflix documentary “Making a

    First Student Evaluation: Written Report Each student will complete a case study on the Netflix documentary “Making a Murderer.” This two-part series (10 episodes each) that details the arrest, prosecution and conviction of a man on two separate murder charges. The “Making a Murderer” case study will be a minimum of twenty (20) […]

Crisis in Theatre: Examining two of the core syllabus plays, discuss

1.Examining two of the core syllabus plays, discuss how contemporary playwrights have conveyed the urgency of current or impending social crises through formal experimentation and argue as to the effectiveness of their representational methods. 2.A number of the plays we are examining highlight the concern of mental health crisis. Drawing on examples from up to […]

Climat change litigation: What does the term ‘climate change

What does the term ‘climate change litigation’ encompass and to what extent does it have the capacity to compensate for the deficiencies in regulation?     Journal to use:  Journal of Environmental Law (the leading journal) • Environmental Law Review • Journal of Planning and Environment Law • Planning and Environmental Law Bulletin • Environmental […]

Dynamic Strategy and Disruptive Innovation -Business Portfolio and

You are required to review an organisation case study including statistical information on business unit performance and current market conditions. The case study to be shared among students in week 5. The case study will also include information regarding the organisation’s current capacity to respond effectively to change. You must then prepare a Business Portfolio […]

Employee Engagement: Participant acting as ‘internal consultants’ by

The 3,500 word case study involves each participant acting as ‘internal consultants’ by developing a piece which critically evaluates employee engagement in the student’s organisation or in an organisation (Vonage / Nexmo which I already wrote about but please revise if needed – you can make up stuff) known well to the student with a […]

The Electoral College (Gateways to Democracy: An Introduction to

Textbook is Gateways to Democracy: An Introduction to American Government, Fourth Edition (Greer, Herrera, Schiller & Segal) Your paper should include a comprehensive overview of the Electoral College, explaining how the process works to elect the President and Vice President. Your paper should consist of AT LEAST 1,500 WORDS of substantive academic writing, and include […]

Bringing Community Awareness: Design a PowerPoint for the primary

For purposes of this assignment, assume the school district in which you are employed or currently reside needs to hire several teachers in the upcoming school year due to planned retirements. School board members have suggested that the school develop a PowerPoint presentation to show off its schools. You have volunteered to draft one. Some […]

CLINICAL REASONING REPORT: An elderly man (76 years old) with chronic

PATIENT SITUATION: Mr. A a 76-year old and has regular visits from the community nurse. Mr. A has COPD and has been on home oxygen for several years. The extent of his disease means that he is unable to walk short distances without the aid of oxygen. Despite his disease progression, Mr. A wishes to […]