(1. You need to write carefully considered, grammatically correct, thoughts,

 (1. You need to write carefully considered, grammatically correct, thoughts, Use references where appropriate, Do not plagiarize!! The result of your work will be contained in one word document that contains timestamped screen shots when appropriate. It will be run through safeassign to detect plagirism. Plagiarism will be rewarded with a zero score.)

Normal Forms:

  1. Explain why normal forms were defined. What problems are solved by using them?
  2. Provide an example table that violates at least one normal form and explain how you would rebuild this table to make it comply with it. (Hint: you can use any online tool and take screen shots.)

Foreign Keys:

  1. Explain why foreign keys are used. What problems can be solved by using them? (25 points)
  2. Identify a foreign key from the “classic models” tutorial and:
    1. explain how it works, i.e., which tables does it connect, etc. (12 1/2 points)
    2. what would be the practical implication of removing this foreign key relationship that you chose. Things to consider include: data duplication, data inconsistency, orphaned data, etc. (12 1/2 points)

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