1. Where did Nolan Bushnell put the first Pong game? What happened?

2. If Atari was making successful games, why was it so hard for them to expand or get traditional funding?

3. Why did Home Pong convince Don Valentine to invest in Atari? (i.e. What did it provide that coin operated arcade games did not?

4. How much was the first pong home game (look at ad towards end of video)


5. What were the sales for each of three big video game systems last year (2020)? Xbox-

6. What were the three biggest video games last year in terms of sales?

7. How much will Playstation 5 be when it comes out this year?

8. Do you play videogames and if so what system? Do you play games on your phone?

9. What is more important to you to have, a videogame system or watching tv/streaming? Why?

10. Look up Atari VCS. What is it and what are its features?

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