1. What role can providers play as advocates for the

1. What role can providers play as advocates for the vulnerable populations.
2.After reading the posted article, “Nurses Need Not be Guilty Bystanders: Caring for Immigrant Populations”, what did you learn from this article and how can you affect change for the better to help eliminate stereotyping based on ethnicity?
3.Define what you think constitutes a vulnerable population and give 3 examples.
4.What is RAM and who founded it. Explain the purpose it serves and the population.
5..Does Medicaid provide dental and vision care for adults? What impact does this have on that population and health outcomes?
6.The article Development of a Community Nurse-Managed Health center there are 3 goals listed in establishing the clinic. What are they?
7.How do you think low literacy impacts a person’s ability to seek health care? What are the long range health problems that can develop without preventive health care?
8.In the video on government and health care there is some discussion about 3rd party purchases related to health care. What does this mean?
9.In the RAM videos what is the greatest need that people seek care for and what could help solve this problem?
10.After watching the video on the Affordable Care Act, what do you think are positives and negatives of the Act?

11.For extra credit tell me what you think is wrong with our health care system and what could be done to fix it. 

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