1. Imagine you and your partner have been dating for 2+ years and are considering “engagement”.  Write up your top 5 needs moving forward (e.g., trust, time spent together, etc.) and why these are important to you.

2. Read the following scenarios, using your knowledge (personal, professional, and unit 2 text/D2L) write down your answers to the question that follows each scenario.

Scenario #1: Drake and Sam are in their early 20s and have been dating (exclusively) each other for 11 months.  Sam would like to bring Drake home to meet the parents.  Hypothesize what Sam’s motivation might be for doing this.  You don’t have much to go by, so dream up a couple of reasons.  🙂

Scenario #2: Carmen and Tony have been married for seven years and have a five-year-old child. Tony wants a second child; Carmen does not want to have any more children.

Question: Hypothesize why Tony wants more children. Hypothesize why Carmen does not want any more children.  Same issues here, not a lot of background information.  Simply go w/ what your own brain tells you.

Scenario #3: Kim, a senior in high school, has learned from a home pregnancy test that she is pregnant. She has told her parents that she is pregnant, that she does not wish to continue a relationship with the father of the child, and that she intends to continue the pregnancy and raise the child on her own. Kim’s parents tell her that it would be best if she either had an abortion or placed the baby for adoption.

Question: Hypothesize why Kim does not wish to continue a relationship w/ the father of the child. Hypothesize why Kim’s parents are taking this stance/approach.

3. Role Play: You are a health educator at a university.  It is your job to inform students about issues related to “safe sex”.  Write down how you would approach this issue (e.g., flyers, blogs, videos, talking w/ students, etc.) and why.  For example, what method of communication is most effective when trying to reach a college population?  Next, what topics (e.g., date safety, condom use, abstinence, etc.) would you focus on and why?


1- Papers should be written in Word: 12pt, Times New Roman Font, Double-Spaced, and Normal Margins

2- Number each question response

3- +2 pages total not including the questions. 

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