1. How does a video motion detector work? 2. Describe


1. How does a video motion detector work?

2. Describe the principle of remote distributed multiplexing.

3. What are the uses of slip-rings?

4. What is the basic function of video switcher?

5. List the features of video switchers.

6. Differentiate between fixed and speed domes.

7. Explain the feature of picture in a picture available in a quad multiplexer.

8. Name different types of camera housings.

9. Compare the features of indoor housings with those of outdoor housings.

10. What is the role of NEMA in video camera housings?

11. Name different types of indoor housings.

12. Describe the concerns with video motion detectors.

13. Describe the materials and finishing of camera housings.

14. Differentiate between synchronous and non-synchronous video signals.

15. Compare between analog and digital switchers.

16. List the key features of speed-dome systems.

17. Name different types of multiplexers along with their applications.

18. Compare between analog and digital video motion detectors.

19. What is(are) the purpose(s) of dome cameras?

20. Explain in brief how a multiplexer can offer basic video motion detection.

21. List the special features that can be incorporated in dome cameras.

22. Describe the principle of video multiplexer.

23. Name different types of video switcher.

24. What are the typical reasons for false alarms?

25. Define the term motion detection sensitivity.

Minimum 5-6 sentences each question 

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