1. Forensic science is the application of _____________ to criminal

1. Forensic science is the application of _____________ to criminal and civil laws

a. Science 

b. Chemistry 

c. Medicine 

d. Biology

2. Expert witness is an individual whom the court determines to possess a particular skill or knowledge in a trade or profession that is not expected of the average layperson and that will aid a court in determining the truth of a matter at trial. 

a. True 

b. False 

3. Locard’s exchange principle is best described as when two objects come into contact with each other, a cross-transfer of materials occurs.

 a. True 

b. False

4. Scientific method is a process that uses strict guidelines to ensure careful and systematic collection, organization, and analysis of information.

 a. True 

b. False 

5. Walkthrough: The initial survey of the crime scene carried out by the lead investigator where he or she will gain an overview of the scene in order to formulate a plan for processing the scene.

 a. Scene photography 

b. Evidence collection process 

c. Scene diagramming 

d. Scene walkthrough

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