1.First, define multiculturalism in three sentences.Second, based on the readings explain how Kymlicka’s ideal about multiculturalism as a democratic citizenship grounded in human rights can be challenged in the context of the debate on de-naturalizing immigrants, as discussed in this New York Times article. ( 8 sentences)

2. Police face crisis situations nearly every day. How well prepared are they? This week identify a likely “crisis” and present a plan on how to deal with the various issues. Crisis range from things like allegations by Serpico (or later allegations of corruption), a natural disaster (e.g. hurricane or pandemic), man made disaster (e.g. blackout) or something like a terrorist attack. Identify stake holders and audiences. Use the steps provided to specifically address specific issues. Write 400 words.

3. This is an hour-long documentary on the French composer Joseph Boulogne  Chevalier de St. Georges.   In three paragraphs, please describe aspects of his life and career that struck you. 

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